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Kathy Pachovas
The last I heard, she had moved to Texas. Has anyone heard from her?
Last Post: Aug 11th 2011
Author: MillerKathleen
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Don Burns
Does anybody know what happened to him?
Last Post: Jun 5th 2011
Author: TonkinRuth
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Timothy Lee Biggs
Does any one know who his friends or family members are that might be contacted to find out what happened to him?
Last Post: Jun 5th 2011
Author: TonkinRuth
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Doug Warwick
Anyone know the whereabouts of Douglas Gail Warwick? He graduated with us, but I remember his dad dying just a day or days b4 the graduation.
Last Post: Jun 14th 2010
Author: Gajda
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Nick Mickolich
where is he anyone know?
Last Post: Mar 24th 2010
Author: WheelerJennifer
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Jerry Brewster
Dennis Barnett asked for help contacing Jerry Brewster. If anyone is still in contact with Jerry, please let him know that Dennis is looking for him AND that we are planning a reunion and would like...
Last Post: Feb 11th 2010
Author: tdhunt12
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Doug Moran
The last I knew, he was in Atlanta.
Last Post: Dec 4th 2009
Author: Kathy
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Janice Micklewright
Her parents moved to Cleveland after we graduated - she moved to California - I lost track of her - she also had a sister, Laurel. Would appreciate knowing anything about her.
Last Post: Dec 2nd 2009
Author: annbox
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Beth Loftus or Barry Esterbrook
Althought they moved before their senior year, are they invited to our reunion? I have been trying to find Beth Loftus for a while. I know her family moved to NJ and I think she went to American...
Last Post: Nov 29th 2009
Author: cjshrum
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Nancy Stiff
Anyone know the whereabouts of Nancy Stiff - or remember her?

Last Post: Sep 27th 2009
Author: barbrae
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Alinda Griswold
I don't know whether this is the appropriate place to post this, however for those who remember Alinda Griswold, (she played baritone in the band and spoke with a Southern accent that she never lost...
Last Post: Sep 26th 2009
Author: only1rex
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