Check out our most recent photo album.  We will be uploading more pictures over the next few days...but we already have several photos from both the Preunion and the Long and Winding Road Tour reunion dinner.  Enjoy.

We are always looking for more pictures of our classmates, both "now and then".  E-mail them to me at and we will post them on the website and Facebook.  Thanks.

We are looking to create and fill a new photo album with a variety of pictures from the reunion weekend.  Please send them to us at and we will get them added to one of the different albums we have for our class.

We are still looking for current photos of all our classmates for  the Class of 1970 - 40 Years Later album.  You can also add a photo to your profile page to create a "then and now" comparison.  Why is it that the girls still look so young?

The Memorials album includes the senior photos of classmates who have passed away.  Those friends were honored at the 2010 reunion party, and we will update the list at our 2015 event to remember those who have passed away in the interim.  They will always and forever be remembered fondly as part of the Class of '70.

1970 was a very interesting year...aside from the fact that we graduated then, there were lots of things happening all over the world.  We have a collection of 18 Life magazine covers from 1970 that serves as a reminder.

The Excalibur was the CPHS Yearbook.  The cover design, and the only color photo in the entire book are included as well as the senior pictures from the class of 1970.

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